ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano’s ‘heated screaming match’ with ‘GMA’ producer led to firing: report

Former ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano’s “heated screaming match” with a “Good Morning America” producer was his “last straw” at the network, according to a new report.

Sources close to the situation told the Daily Beast Wednesday that ABC fired Marciano this week after several staffers witnessed the incident.

After news of his alleged outburst spread around the building, chief meteorologist Ginger Zee brought it to the attention of higher-ups given Marciano’s history of questionable workplace behavior.

An insider tells Page Six that Zee, 43, had “encouraged the producer to talk to management” and “followed up” to make sure Marciano, 55, was held accountable.

ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano reportedly got into a “heated screaming match” with a “Good Morning America” producer before being fired. MediaPunch/Shutterstock
It was reportedly the “last straw” for the network. robertmarciano/Instagram

In addition to his “ongoing” anger management issues, Marciano tended to “overshare” information about his divorce with female staffers, making them uncomfortable, per the Daily Beast.

The journalist split from his wife, Eryn Marciano, in 2021, and they finalized their divorce in 2023. They were married for 12 years and share two kids.

Page Six first reported in March 2023 that Marciano had acted “very cranky and angry” on set amid his divorce proceedings.

It’s unclear with whom Marciano got into the fight. WireImage
We’re told Ginger Zee encouraged the producer to report the incident to executives. GC Images

Given his history of past complaints, the Disney-owned network ultimately decided it was time to part ways with Marciano after a decade of working together.

Earlier this week, multiple sources told The Post that Marciano had frequently clashed with Zee over the years, as “their personalities didn’t work.”

According to one of the insiders, when Marciano did not agree with a management decision, his “body language and tone” would “change” immediately.

“If he was unhappy about something, you’d know it,” an exec said. “He lost his cool in meetings when he got news he didn’t like.”

We heard Marciano’s outbursts were an “ongoing” issue at the network. MediaPunch/Shutterstock
The meteorologist was previously banned from the “GMA” studios due to his behavior. Madison McGaw/BFA/Shutterstock

ABC’s decision to fire Marciano came one year after he was temporarily yanked off the air for making a colleague feel uncomfortable.

Multiple sources told Page Six at the time that he had been “banned” from Times Square Studios for months, forcing him to provide weather reports from the field and different studios.

“He was found to have done something … that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” one insider told us.

Insiders told us in March 2023 that his “improper” behavior caused producers to pull him from the air. Mediapunch/Shutterstock
He was forced to do his weather reports from the field or other studios for months. robertmarciano/Instagram

We also reported that “GMA” executive producer Simone Swink was “very protective of her team” and did not want Marciano’s behavior to distract from their work.

“Any decision made about the team is based first and foremost on protecting the culture and enabling our people to focus on the work of news-gathering — free of distraction,” another source told us last year.

While it is unclear exactly when execs decided to let Marciano back in the building, the reunion was short-lived.

Reps for Marciano and ABC News did not immediately respond to our requests for comment.