Anna Delvey ‘models’ custom designed Shao New York look, complete with bedazzled ankle monitor, for immigration hearing

The con artiste wore an ankle monitor with a sparkling “A” to court Thursday. Stephen Yang

The courtroom is her runway!

Anna Delvey had another court date Thursday, and the con artiste-turned-fashion-publicist used the occasion to model a new look by Shao New York custom created especially for the occasion.

As Page Six previously reported, Delvey — who famously posed as a German heiress to live like an A-Lister — has founded a fashion PR firm, the Outlaw Agency, with industry legend Kelly Cutrone.

At an earlier hearing in May, the “fake heiress” put the media spotlight that her case attracts to use by wearing a look by the Downtown atelier founded by Shao Yang.

And the one-woman Fashion Week came around again Thursday when she wore a second outfit by the custom suiting company for her most recent appearance before a judge.

This time she turned out in a sophisticated white suit-dress that Delvey designed with Yang herself.

She also wore a pair of tan suede heels and a coordinating leather bag, wearing a curled ponytail and a fresh-faced makeup look with plenty of peach blush.

They even added some pizazz to her ankle monitor by bedazzling it with an “A” for Anna, picked out in crystals.

Delvey 33 — who was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for scamming people and businesses out of tens of thousands of dollars — sported a square-necked ivory dress with rows of gold buttons down the front as she posed outside the courthouse for her second “fashion presentation” with the brand.

She also famously hosted an entire fashion show for Shao New York on the roof of the East Village walk-up where she was under house arrest.

She decorated her ankle monitor with a crystal “A.” Stephen Yang
Delvey wore chic white shades. Stephen Yang
The con artist accented her look with a tan bag and shoes. Stephen Yang
Delvey strolled a NYC street in her business attire. Stephen Yang

As with the May appearance, the brand even released sketches of the look of the sort that are more familiar from Condé than courtrooms.

Publicist Kelly Cutrone shared a sketch of the custom look on her Instagram Story. shaonewyork/Instagram
The dress was decorated with gold buttons. Stephen Yang
Delvey wore her hair in a curled ponytail. Stephen Yang
The con artist wore another pussy bow look for her May hearing. Probe-Media for Page Six
She wore a scarlet letter jacket over her white blouse. Probe-Media for Page Six

Last month, Delvey visited court in another Shao New York look, Outlaw’s first experiment using her hearings as an opportunity to give a “fashion presentation.“

Along with her scarlet letter jacket, she sported a black pencil skirt with a high slit and a crisp white blouse featuring a black velvet pussy bow tie at the neck.

Cutrone and Delvey — whose real name is Anna Sorokin — also hosted a house arrest NYFW show on the rooftop of the con woman’s East Village apartment last year for their client.