Anne Hathaway reveals lip-plumping hack on TikTok: ‘If you’ve drawn blood you’ve gone too far’

Welcome to LipTok.

Anne Hathaway has only been on TikTok for a month, but she’s already delivering some A-plus content, sharing a video on Monday that revealed a surprising hack for plumper lips.

The “Devil Wears Prada” actress, 41, who stars in Shiseido’s new beauty campaign, wears a monogrammed black Versace robe ($550) in the clip as she sits in a makeup chair and demonstrates how to pump up the volume on her kisser.

Anne Hathaway Shared a clever tip for fuller lips on TikTok Monday. annehathaway/TikTok
She warned fans not to get too aggressive with the hair pin. annehathaway/TikTok
The star joked that people looked at her “like she had three heads” when she started tapping her lip. annehathaway/TikTok

In the clip — set to Meghan Trainor’s song, “Lips Are Movin” — Hathaway shared that she glanced at a monitor while filming the campaign and “noticed” how her “upper lip looked a little … wilted.”

The “Idea of You” actress, who was getting her hair done by stylist Adir Abergel in the clip, said she asked him for “a bobby pin,” editing the TikTok to clarify that it had to be “a hair pin … that matters.”

“I went in and I sort of stimulated my lip to try to get some blood flow back in there, to try to get some circulation, and everyone looked at me like I had three heads,” she said as three images of herself flashed on the screen.

However, the “Les Misérables” star warned that one can go too far, adding, “Safety disclaimer! You can overdo this, you can push too hard, it’s meant to be a gentle, gentle thing.”

She demonstrated how to gently tap your lip with a hair pin to encourage blood flow to the area. annehathaway/TikTok
The “Devil Wears Prada” star was filming a Shiseido campaign. annehathaway/TikTok
She wore a $158 Gap dress with millions in Bulgari jewels last month. Getty Images for Bulgari

“Don’t stab yourself! If you’ve drawn blood you’ve gone too far. It’s not a vampire LipTok,” Hathaway quipped.

“Idk if Anne made a deal with the devil or the Illuminati or whoever but my god she’s doesn’t even look 25. There’s no way she’s in her 40s,” one fan commented on the video, while another added, “liptok, hair pin, vampire tok, perfect loop, GIRL 🙏❤️.”

Along with her lip tip, the Bulgari ambassador shared some behind-the-scenes footage from a glamorous event for the jewelry designer in Rome, with the “Love & Other Drugs” actress rocking a $158 Gap shirt dress with millions of dollars in blingy jewels.

Pardon us while we go find some hair pins to prep for our next event.