‘Bachelor’ star Joey Graziadei devastates fans with summer buzzcut: ‘A federal crime’

Joey Graziadei, is that you?

The “Bachelor” star, 29, opted to switch up his hairstyle for the summer, shaving off his long and wavy locks in favor of a short buzzcut.

“It was time for the Summer Cut 💈” the reality star captioned a recent Instagram Reel, which showed him before and after his hair transformation.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei recently took to Instagram to share his new, shorter hairstyle. Joey Graziadei/Instagram
The star of Season 28 shared a transformation video of himself cutting off his longer locks. Joey Graziadei/Instagram
The new summer buzzcut, however, left fans divided.

Despite Graziadei wearing the same gray T-shirt and keeping his facial hair, fans felt the difference was somewhat drastic, taking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“JOSEPH WHAT HAVE U DONE,” one person asked, while another mourned the Pennsylvania native’s previous look. “Nooooooo your curls 😢”

Some decided to crack jokes at Graziadei expense, with one fan writing “Pretty sure this counts as a federal crime.”

“i need a shirtless pic just so i know if i like it,” someone else added.

A top comment also noted that the ‘do felt a bit military-inspired and pointed out that it looked like Graziadei was “getting drafted.”

“Nooooooo your curls,” one person wrote on the Reel, while another joked the change counted as a “federal crime.” AFF-USA/Shutterstock
However, Graziadei fiancé appeared to be a fan, simply commenting “ZAMMMMMMM.” AFF-USA/Shutterstock
Recently, the reality star shared that he and Anderson were living with her friends. Joey Graziadei/Instagram

Thankfully, though, the reactions weren’t all bad.

“Respectfully, Kelsey… he can get it,” one person wrote, addressing the former teaching tennis pro’s fiancé, Kelsey Anderson, who won

The 26-year-old seemed to agree with the positive review, simply commenting “ZAMMMMMMM.”

Still, it’s possible that Graziadei is having second thoughts. He following up his hair debut with a series of photos hanging out in Nashville — and in most shots, he’s rocking a hat.

Later, Graziadei shared a series of photos in Nashville. Joey Graziadei/Instagram
However, he seemed to cover up his makeover with a cap in most pictures. Joey Graziadei/Instagram
According the Graziadei, his “credit score bombed” while on the show, dropping 80 points and making it hard to “even get into an apartment building.” Disney

Graziadei and Anderson met while filming Season 28 of “The Bachelor” and became engaged during the show’s finale.

Earlier in the month, Graziadei revealed that the two are currently living with Anderson’s friends after the star’s “credit score bombed” while appearing on the show, which made it tough to “even get into an apartment building.”

“[My credit score] was at 730 and I went on the show and I had a payment from a credit card that I didn’t answer for two and a half months,” he told fellow Bachelor Nation member Jason Tartick while on the “Trading Secrets” podcast. “I dropped, like, 80 points. Like, what the f—k?”

Here’s hoping the new look brings better luck!