Cardi B’s original 2024 Met Gala look included ‘old age’ prosthetics and gray hair

She loves to commit to a bit.

Cardi B might have caused a stir when she forgot the name of her dress designer on the Met Gala 2024 red carpet last Monday, but it turns out she originally had a twist up her sleeve that would’ve made even more headlines.

The “WAP” rapper, 31, shared a TikTok revealing a behind-the-scenes look at her Met Gala prep last week — and the star had considered wearing prosthetics to look like an elderly woman.

Cardi B played with prosthetics ahead of her Met Gala appearance last week. Alexis Stone/Instagram
Cardi B had prosthetics applied to look like she was an older woman while prepping for the Met Gala. Cardi B/TikTok
Makeup artist Alexis Stone applied wrinkled skin to the singer. Cardi B/TikTok
She went without prosthetics on the red carpet. Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue
She showed off aged skin on one arm in a behind-the-scenes pic. Alexis Stone/Instagram

Cardi B lounged in a robe and headscarf as makeup artist Alexis Stone applied a layer of wrinkled skin to her arms and hands in the clip, with the “Up” singer later walking out in slippers to reveal an older face and curly gray hair.

However, her literal interpretation of the gala’s “Garden of Time” dress code wasn’t meant to be.

In another TikTok clip, the Grammy winner said she ditched the prosthetics idea because she “was just a little bit scared how the pictures were gonna come out.”

Alexis Stone created custom facial prosthetics for the singer. Cardi B/TikTok
She rocked curly gray hair with her elderly makeover. Alexis Stone/Instagram
Cardi B did an old lady impression while walking out in a robe. Cardi B/TikTok

“A lot of people, they’re not creative like me. We think outside the box,” she added.

Stone seemed to take the situation in stride as he shared some photos of his work on Instagram last Wednesday, writing, “Creative directions change, it happens but a really cool BTS look at what could have been the Sleeping Beauty look.”

As for her Met Gala dress, designed by Windowsen, Cardi B said that while it was “such a beautiful amazing piece” and reminded her of “a black rose” she would “take it off right away” due to its extreme weight.

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Her incredible Windowsen gown featured 3,000 meters of organza. Getty Images
She rocked silver hair during a fitting. Cardi B/TikTok
Windowsen also created a teal version of the dress, but Cardi B chose black for her Met moment. Cardi B/TikTok

However, that didn’t stop her from declaring that her enormous gown could’ve been larger.

“Actually it was supposed to be bigger,” she said in one of her TikToks as she prepared to walk the red carpet, adding, “I’m mad at the Met Gala because they made me cut my dress!”

While she showed plenty of appreciation for the piece in her videos, the singer was slammed for not remembering designer Sensen Lii’s name during a Vogue interview, instead referring to him as “Asian and everything.”

Cardi B later defended her snub, explaining that she couldn’t remember how “to pronounce the designer’s name, because his name is a little bit complicated.”