Courteney Cox, 60, rocks tiny black bikini, face mask while trolling her wellness routine

Courtney Cox will do whatever it takes to look fit at 60.

On Sunday, the “Friends” star, who celebrated her milestone birthday last month, gave her Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look into her wellness routine — which even she admitted is a bit much.

“I just had a birthday,” she said in the video while in the gym. “Don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice.”

Courtney Cox gave fans a glimpse into her wellness routine on Sunday. Courteney Cox/Instagram
Cox turned 60 last month and admittedly doesn’t “love” her new age. Courteney Cox/Instagram

“You just gotta do the best you can,” Cox added before launching into her exercise routine, which included seated arm rows, squats, pull-ups, chest presses, crunches and cardio.

Cox rocked a black sports bra and matching leggings for the at-home workout, showing off her trim figure.

Although getting in daily exercise is pretty common, things took a turn towards the end of the video.

The actress swapped her cute black workout set for a tiny bikini in the same color as she braved the cold inside what appeared to be an industrial-sized freezer.

“I just had a birthday,” she said on Instagram. “Don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice.” Courteney Cox/Instagram
The “Friends” star began the video with a series of different exercises. Courteney Cox/Instagram

Cox also wore a sheet face mask and a red-light therapy baseball hat inside the chamber.

“What, it’s cryotherapy?” she jokingly said while crawling out of the freezer, which seemed to be in her garage.

While it’s unclear if Cox actually squeezes inside the tiny fridge every day, she posted a video of herself attempting an icy cold plunge in February.

Cox told Glamour she thought she “would hate” the wellness trend but has learned to “love it” over the years.

She finished the workout routine with “cryotherapy.” Courteney Cox/Instagram
The actress included a clip of herself crawling out of a large freezer. Courteney Cox/Instagram
She wore a red-light therapy hat and a sheet mask inside the freezer. Courteney Cox/Instagram

“I feel great for hours afterward,” she explained. “So as much as you dread getting in, you know that you’re going to feel so good.”

“The dopamine hit you get … it lasts a long time,” she added. “Do it. Really, it’s worth it.”

Although she is willing to try nearly any wellness fad to keep her youthful looks, the “Scream” actress’ “biggest beauty regret” was getting fillers.

In October 2023, Cox told Woman magazine that she got all her fillers removed and dissolved after taking things a bit too far.

Cox has been open about her beauty routines in the past. NBC
The “Scream” actress had all her filler removed in 2017 after overdoing it. FilmMagic

“There’s so much pressure to stay looking young in this industry that once you start, it becomes a bit of a domino effect and you keep on having more,” she told the outlet, per the Daily Mail.

“To the rest of the world your face is so obviously changing, but to yourself — because you’re only having one procedure at a time — you don’t notice.”

However, Cox felt it was a “total waste of time” and wished she “hadn’t caved into the pressure.”