Dwayne Johnson is the latest star to launch a skincare line: ‘Us guys all want to look better’

You’ll be able to smell what the Rock has been cooking up really soon.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is joining the celebrity skincare game with a very noble goal: to “encourage just a more open, greater conversation about skincare and grooming” with men.

Johnson, 51, took to Instagram on March 7 to announce the debut of Papatui, a beauty line targeted for men that features skin, body, hair and even tattoo maintenance products.

The movie star shared that after “years in development and years of testing this product with hundreds and hundreds of guys,” he was “hyped” to announce his newest venture.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is adding “men’s care line founder” to his resume. Courtesy of Mark Seliger
The WWE star took to Instagram to announce his debut men’s care line, Papatui. papatui/Instagram

“As you guys know, I’m an advocate for wellness, grooming and men taking better care of ourselves,” he wrote in the video’s caption. “And while we may not always talk about it, us guys all want to look better and feel better too.”

In the video, Johnson discussed the secret questions he says he’s been getting from men curious about his skincare routine.

“Over the years, you and I, we’ve had a lot of conversations, a lot of dialogue, a lot of Q&As,” he begins.

Papatui features a plethora of men’s care items from body wash and shampoo to toner and tattoo balm. Courtesy of PAPATUI

“You guys have asked me about and we’ve talked about our workouts, our cheat meals, our businesses, our ambitions, our ‘why,’ our family, our relationships, our tequila, but what you may not know is I have so many of you guys quietly ask me what I use on my skin, what is my wellness and my grooming, skincare … routine.

And it’s always funny to me because the conversations that I usually have as it relates to my skin has always been like dudes pulling me aside and being like, ‘Hey Rock can I talk to you for a second?’ I’m like ‘Dude, why are you whispering? Let’s having this conversation out in the open.’”

In an effort to help normalize the conversation surrounding men’s self care, the WWE star created an affordable line of efficacious products — including a facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye gel, shampoo and conditioner combination, bar soap, deodorant and more — each retailing for $10 or less.

Johnson wanted to make sure he created products that would rival “some of the best scents in the world”. papatui/Instagram

The “Jumanji” actor even told People that he got inspiration from BFF Emily Blunt, who introduced him to the importance of toners.

“This [toner] is gonna change your life, men. Trust me, that is a secret weapon,” he promised of the product in the Instagram video.

To create products whose scents would rival “some of the best scents in the world,” Johnson and his team worked with the iconic perfume maker Frank Voelkl of Firmenich fragrance house, who is responsible for perfumes including Le Labo’s iconic Santal 33, beloved by stars including Jennifer Lopez, who buys the brand’s scented candles in bulk.

The actor wants men to be able to have a “more open” conversation about beauty. Getty Images
“Papatui has allowed me to encourage just a more open, greater conversation about skincare and grooming.” Getty Images

The initial scent offerings are Lush Coconut, Cedar Sport and Sandalwood Suede.

While fans are able to nab the items — which also include tattoo balms and sticks, bodywash and body lotion — on Papatui’s own website for now, the products will be hitting Targets nationwide on Sunday, March 10.

With rivals in the men’s skincare space including Pharrell, John Legend, Brad Pitt, Jared Leto — and tons more from female celebs including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and more — let’s hope the Rock is up for some competition.