Gypsy Rose Blanchard debuts blond hair transformation 2 months after prison release

Gypsy Rose Blanchard may be on the path to having more fun.

The convicted felon traded in her brunette locks for a fresh blond look, debuting her new hair transformation on social media Friday.

Blanchard, 32, exuded confidence in a selfie video she shared on Instagram, which she had set to Ava Max’s “Not Your Barbie Girl.”

The ex-con debuted her new blond hair on social media Friday. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard
She claimed on Instagram she’s in her “comeback kid era.” Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard

“Bringing back the comeback kid era,” she wrote atop the video in pink text.

Blanchard wore a curve-hugging white tank top and and pink frayed shorts in the post, and fans made sure to praise the look.

“she eating us up she serving face and boddyyy😭😭😭,” one fan gushed.

“served her time now she’s serving us [for real for real],” another added.

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She rocked pink shorts and a figure-hugging white tank top in the video. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard
Fans flooded her comments section with messages and praise. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard

Blanchard has become a social media star since her release from prison on Dec. 28, 2023.

She serving eight of her 10-year sentence for the 2015 murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

The “Released: Conversations on the Eve of Freedom” author’s mother suffered from Munchausen by proxy, a psychological disorder that caused her to seek sympathy and financial support from others by claiming her daughter was very sick.

Dee Dee tricked doctors for years into believing Gypsy was terminally ill with cancer and was wheelchair-bound for life, among other things.

Gypsy was released from prison following her 10-year sentence for the second-degree murder of her mother in December 2023. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard
She has since become a social media star. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard

Gypsy, whose documentary “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard” was released in January, has said she plans on using her platform to raise awareness about the disorder.

“I feel like I have been blessed with that ability to possibly create change,” she told People in December 2023. “And that is what I’m trying to do.”

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“The choice that I made to commit murder was never the right choice,” Gypsy continued at the time. “So my mission now is to take what I’ve done and what [my mom] did and make it worth something.”

She concluded, “So I think it’s really important for me to get out as much awareness about Munchausen by proxy as I can and really try to focus in on mental health.”

Gypsy said she hopes to use her platform to spread awareness about the condition from which her mother suffered. Instagram/Gypsy-Rose Blanchard-Anderson
Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, suffered from Munchausen by proxy. Instagram/Gypsy-Rose Blanchard-Anderson
Gypsy had her mother murdered after years of abuse.

Gypsy has not announced any formal plans about how she plans to continue spreading awareness.

However, aside from her social media career, she has been navigating her new life with her husband, Ryan Anderson, whom she married in 2022 while still incarcerated.

Earlier this year, Gypsy went viral on TikTok for bragging about their “fire” sex life.