If you bought the Skims nipple bra, you’re wearing an exact mold of Kim Kardashian’s own breasts

From her chest to yours.

Kim Kardashian shared the secret behind her controversial Skims Nipple Push Up Bra ($64) on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” telling the late-night host that her own breasts helped create the prototype for her shapewear line’s racy bra.

Calling the design “genius,” Kimmel shared that the “Kardashians” star, 42, “invented the bra with built-in nipples,” holding up a photo of Kardashian sporting the perky undergarment under a tan top.

Kim Kardashian’s Skims nipple bra was modeled after own chest. skims/Instagram
The reality star chatted about the bra on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC
She modeled the bra under one of her Skims shapewear suits. SKIMS

After confirming it was her idea to “put the nipples in there,” the Skims founder revealed that the bra’s design was “actually molded after” her actual chest.

“Your own boobs?” Kimmel asked, with the Skkn by Kim founder replying, “It’s a pad, yeah. It’s a pad with a nipple on it. So if you wanted to feel nippy … “

The late-night host asked if Kim “saw a woman walking around with this on” if she would say, “oh those are my boobs!”

She launched the bra in October 2023. SKIMS
The bra features pointy faux nipples and plenty of padding. SKIMS
Her perky promo for the bra got fans talking. SKIMS

“I would, actually,” she said, sharing a story that her 39-year-old sister, Khloé Kardashian, was wearing one of the bras when Scott Disick “made a comment” about the bra being “inappropriate.”

“She was like, ‘oh no, they’re not mine. They’re Kim’s,’” the entrepreneur quipped.

This isn’t the first time Kim has used her body as the inspiration for one of her products; a bottle of her now-defunct KKW Body perfume was modeled after her own figure.

Kardashian admitted that she “was so insecure” wearing the bra to a meeting she used her hair to cover up the faux nipples. Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

The mom of four also teased a potential new release from her line, sharing that she felt “insecure” wearing the nipple bra to a meeting and that she might “make one with like, a half nip … like not as hard.”

Speaking of another pointy lingerie icon, Kim told Kimmel that Madonna used to be her neighbor when she was a child and that she and her older sister, Kourtney, used to walk the pop icon’s dog “in exchange for jewelry.”

Too bad she didn’t give Kim a cone bra instead.