Indy 500 driver Katherine Legge reveals her race-day essentials, from ‘old-school’ sneakers to lip oil

Come Sunday, professional race car driver Katherine Legge will be the only woman competing in the Indy 500; if she wins, she’ll be the first female driver to ever do so.

But a few days before the largest single-day sporting event in the world, the British athlete told Page Six Style she’s feeling “cool, calm and collected” despite the historic moment.

“Right now is the time for women in sports; it’s been this whole ‘girl power’ movement,” Legge says, noting that young women also happen to be the fastest growing demographic in motorsport.

Katherine Legge at practice
Katherine Legge will be the only woman competing in the 2024 Indy 500; if she wins, she’ll be the first female driver to ever do so. Chris Jones

And on Sunday, Legge will be burning rubber in a pink car with branding by E.l.f., the first beauty company to serve as a primary sponsor in the Indy 500.

“Before E.l.f. came on board with me, it was very much like: You look like a guy, you drive like a guy,” she says. “And I think this is empowering me and everybody else to be authentic. I can wear makeup, I can drive a pink car and everybody think it’s cool rather than it being, ‘Oh, that’s the girl driver.’ Times are changing!”

That’s evident in Legge’s race-day staples, which range from stylish sunglasses to her go-to lip oil. Shop them all below.

E.l.f. Glow Reviver Lip Oil

“It gets really hot and sweaty in the car. It’s pretty disgusting; if you wear too much makeup, you take your balaclava off and it’s orange! So I tend to keep it light on my face. I’ll do moisturizer and I’ll do a bit of concealer and I’ll do a little bit of blush. And then I focus on my eyes; I’m gonna do my eyebrows and I do eyeliner and the epic mascara that E.l.f. has.

“And then obviously the lip oil, because you can’t not do the lip oil. When you get out of the car, most of it is gone, but there’s a little hint of color left after three hours — which I think is absolutely amazing. That’s staying power.”

IVI Sunglasses

“You’re always out in the sun, and you have to protect your eyes.”

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

“It gets very hot and sweaty in the car, and I don’t want to be stinky when my teammate’s strapping me in. I use the Dove deodorant.”

Puma sports bra

“A Puma sports bra is my go-to bra. You’re running around the track all day, and you have to be comfortable.”

Puma Jade Renew Sneakers
Nordstrom Rack

“You need a comfortable pair of sneakers — because again, you’re running around the racetrack and going from place to place. I love all of Puma’s old-school sneakers.”

Jif peanut butter

“I love peanut butter. I eat it with anything — apples, bananas, pretzels. You name it, I’ll smear it in peanut butter.”