Italian model claims he’s been fired from Met Gala after upstaging Kylie Jenner at last year’s ceremony

An Italian model alleges he was fired from working the 2024 Met Gala after outshining Kylie Jenner at last year’s ceremony.

Eugenio Casnighi took to TikTok Saturday to explain he will no longer be working as a greeter at Monday’s event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art after going viral the year before for his good looks.

“I just got fired from the Met Gala,” the 26-year-old said before displaying several photos alongside the “Kardashians” star. “Remember me?”

The Italian model explained the mishap in a video posted to TikTok Saturday. The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images
“I just got fired from the Met Gala,” he explained alongside a series of photos with the reality star at last year’s event. Eugenio Casnighi/TikTok

Casnighi, who has worked the Met Gala for the past two years, alleged he’s never been able to talk about the attention he received from the event because he was under an NDA.

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“Funny enough, they fired me so I can say whatever I want now,” the model said, claiming he was just given notice on Friday. “They fired me because I went viral last year.”

“So basically they said, ‘You made it about yourself, so we can’t have you work there anymore. I’m sorry.’”

“Remember me?” the 26-year-old continued. Eugenio Casnighi/TikTok
Casnighi, who has worked the gala for the past two years, claimed he can speak out about his experience because his NDA is no longer valid. Eugenio Casnighi/TikTok

Explaining his former role as a greeter, he continued, “Last year, they told me that I was going to be with Jenner, 26, all night, and I [helped] her [with] whatever she needed.”

Casnighi explained the unnamed modeling agency he works for and the Met Gala want models to work on the red carpet because “they want people to get noticed.”

“They literally told me we picked you because we like you more than other people to be with this celebrity but when people took pictures of the actual celebrity … like Kylie Jenner and I was next to her … of course, I ended up in the picture and they blamed me.”

“They fired me because I went viral last year,” he alleged. Eugenio Casnighi/Instagram
“Basically they said, ‘You made it about yourself, so we can’t have you work there anymore. I’m sorry,’” he added. Eugenio Casnighi/Instagram

Along with his rant, Casnighi also shared a viral clip from a fan showing him alongside last year’s red-carpet host, Emma Chamberlain, who was interviewing Blackpink’s Jennie Kim.

While the clip showed the Italian hunk off to the side, the fan couldn’t help but zoom into the handsome fella, writing, “Trying to focus on Emma interviewing Jennie but …”

In a follow-up clip, he explained there is a possibility that Met Gala organizers may have opted out of having any models work the event this year as he alluded he learned a colleague was also booted.

Casnighi explained he was assigned to work with Kylie Jenner last year. Carl Timpone/
While assisting the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, Casnighi ended up in the background of many of her pictures. John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock

He also shared various text messages and emails confirming that he would be working the carpet ahead of being laid off.

Casnighi added organizers even tightened up the NDA for this year’s event, telling workers they can’t post or repost any content from the Met Gala even if it isn’t about them.

Several fans rushed to support Casnighi in the comments, with one writing, “They can’t handle your beauty that goes viral.”

“I ended up in the picture and they blamed me,” he alleged. AFP via Getty Images
Casnighi also claimed gala organizers may not have wanted models to work the A-list event this year. Eugenio Casnighi/Instagram

“I’m confused how that isn’t a good thing? If you’re bringing attention to the event, doesn’t that benefit the company?” another chimed in as a third added, “Amore, you’re gorgeous. better things will happen for you. their loss.”

Last year, Jenner arrived on the red carpet donning an oversized blue coat on top of a red gown designed by Haider Ackermann for Jean Paul Gaultier.

She turned heads while walking up the iconic stairs alongside her older sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.