Jason Kelce said ‘f–k kings’ days before Travis met Prince William at Eras Tour show

Fingers crossed Prince William isn’t a 92%er.

Just days before Travis Kelce met Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Taylor Swift’s London concert, his brother, Jason Kelce, chastised the idea of a monarchy.

“I’m out on honoring kings,” the retired Philadelphia Eagles player said in last Wednesday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast. “Listen, we’re Americans. We don’t do royalty.”

Jason, 36, added, “F–k kings, but I wouldn’t mind [my wife] Kylie kneeling at my feet.”

Jason Kelce hilariously insulted the British monarchy just days before Travis Kelce met Prince William. New Heights/Youtube
“I’m out on honoring kings,” Jason said. “Listen, we’re Americans. We don’t do royalty.” Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, encouraged his brother to stop his line of thinking and corrected him, saying, “Not ‘f–k kings.’”

Travis then directed Jason away from the monarchical discussion by questioning him about his penchant for people kneeling at his feet.

“It’s out of respect, it’s Father’s Day,” Jason said. “Maybe feed me some grapes.”

Travis argued that his older sibling could not be “out on kings and in on people bowing,” which prompted the future ESPN commentator to clarify that he is not into “people bowing” but rather prefers “my children bowing to me to show me respect, god-damn it.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end met the Prince of Wales and two of his kids at Taylor Swift’s tour stop in London. Instagram/@taylorswift
Travis ultimately corrected his brother, “Not ‘f–k kings.’” Instagram/@princeandprincessofwhales
The ESPN commentator instead joked that his three daughters should bow to him out of “respect.” jason.kelce/Instagram

The timing of the hilarious conversation couldn’t have been better, as Travis would go on to snag a selfie with the Prince of Wales, his kids and the “Cruel Summer” singer after he and Jason stopped by the Cannes Lions festival in the French Riviera.

“Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start,” Swift, 34, captioned the image on Instagram, referring to William’s 42nd birthday.

The prince first met the pop star in 2013 when they appeared onstage together at the Centrepoint Gala with Jon Bon Jovi.