Jelly Roll admits he ‘hates’ ‘almost all’ of his tattoos: ‘What the f—k was I thinking?’

Guess he’s just gonna have to Roll with it.

Jelly Roll opened up about his rather extensive tattoo collection in a new video for GQ Wednesday, admitting he wishes he hadn’t got “98 percent” of the designs.

The “Need a Favor” singer, 39 — whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord — is covered in dozens of designs all over his body, including his face, but at almost 40, he said he regrets the decisions he made as a teenager.

Jelly Roll is covered in a variety of tattoos he doesn’t like. YouTube/@GQVideos
One of the designs reads “The hate goes on.” YouTube/@GQVideos
The singer has multiple face tattoos, including one reading “music man.” YouTube/@GQVideos

“I regret 98% of these tattoos, 97%, almost all of them,” he started off the video, sharing that the “core philosophies” he held close had changed.

“And now I’m 40 I’m like, what the f—k was I thinking?” Jelly Roll admitted, and when it came to starting a tour of his tattoos, he shared that he didn’t “know where to start.”

“I don’t know, I hate ’em all,” the country singer — who revealed he got “tons” of tattoos when he was in jail — shared before kicking things off with a “baby smoking a blunt.”

The country star has letters spelling out “PAIN” on his knuckles. YouTube/@GQVideos
Jelly Roll got his first tattoo at the age of 14. YouTube/@GQVideos

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The Grammy nominee called the design ” a little excessive” before sharing that “a lot” of his tattoos were cover-up jobs.

“The ones that were really bad have already been covered up,” Jelly Roll said.

One such cover-up was an illustration of the Nashville skyline, which was inked over a design reading “Surviving the struggle” … or at least that’s what it was supposed to say.

“We had forgot to put the ‘t’ in it, so it said ‘surviving the sruggle,’” he shared of the botched tattoo.

The singer’s face is covered in crosses. YouTube/@GQVideos
Jelly Roll posed with Taylor Swift at the 2024 Grammys. Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The CMA winner then showed off a cross reading “RIP Momma V,” sharing that it was his first tattoo and he got it at age 14 after a family friend passed away from AIDS.

As for his numerous face tats, Jelly Roll admitted he didn’t “really remember” his first one since “there’s been so many now.”

However, he said his “most meaningful tattoo” was the large cross on his right cheek, explaining “it was symbolic of a change in me.”

Jelly Roll has been climbing up the country charts in recent years. Getty Images for The Recording Academy
He looked thrilled to pose with Ed Sheeran at the Grammys last month. Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Jelly Roll said the design was “a constant reminder” that he needs to bear his own cross in life, “as the good book says.”

Speaking of his time in jail for drug charges and aggravated robbery, the “Son of a Sinner” singer admitted he got some “cheap” tattoos done, including one that his wife, Bunnie XO —— who celebrated her first anniversary of retiring from sex work this week — mistakenly thought was Elvis.

“It’s Jesus on a cross, and let me tell you how bad it is,” he said, adding, “the first time my wife seen me without a shirt, she asked me did I have Elvis tattooed on my back.”

Perhaps he can get The King as his next cover-up job.