JoJo Siwa debuts ‘Karma’-inspired arm tattoo — and says she has ‘a lot more’ ink

JoJo Siwa showed off her new tattoos on Instagram Stories on Wednesday. Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Well, that’s one way to promote your music.

After conducting a Q&A on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, JoJo Siwa, 21, decided to give fans a good look at some of her most recent tattoos.

Responded to a question about her arm ink, the singer and “Dance Moms” alum snapped a close up of the design, which is a reference to her latest song, “Karma,” and the dramatic makeup she’s been sporting after kicking off her music career earlier this year.

“So I have a memory of karma for forever,” Siwa wrote on the photo.

She snapped a close up of her eye tattoo, noting it was a reference to her song “Karma.” Instagram/@jojosiwa
Siwa began sporting dramatic eye makeup after releasing the song in April. itsjojosiwa/Instagram
She later came under fire, as people accused her of copying the band Kiss. Getty Images

“Karma” was released this past April and, shortly after, Siwa debuted her intense black eye makeup through a music video before channeling Britney Spears in a sheer, sparkling catsuit.

Siwa later caused some controversy by showing up to the iHeart Radio Music Awards in the look, as people criticized her dramatic KISS-inspired makeup. However, Gene Simmons quickly defended the former child star, saying, “JoJo is cool. Anybody who doesn’t get it is just jealous, period.”

Continuing with her revelations on Instagram, Siwa stated that when it comes to tattoos, she now has “a lot more now” after getting her first last summer. The star went on to count at least six, including a shooting star she now has on her left hand.

Last July, the “Dancing With the Stars” runner up revealed she had gotten “1031” inked behind her ear, after visiting a studio with fellow child star Raven-Symoné and the actress’ wife, Miranda Maday.

Siwa got her first tattoo last July, getting “1031” inked behind her ear. Getty Images
She also showed off a shooting star on her hand. Instagram/@jojosiwa
Siwa recently got a teddy bear tattoo in honor of her new album cover costellotattoostudio/Instagram
In the same visit, she also added the numbers “417” and “1,000,000,000″ under her elbow. christian_tattoos/Instagram

“1031 is how many days my first concert tour lasted, but then ’03 is the year that I was born, so that’s why it looks like 03 with the lines on the side,” she explained on Snapchat.

At the time, she also said couldn’t speak about the significance of the number three “yet,” but later wrote on Instagram that it was her “recruit number on Special Forces.”

Last February, Siwa also told Access Hollywood she had already gotten two tattoos in honor of her future kids.

“This one’s dedicated to my baby girl one day, her name is Freddie,” she noted, pointing to a tattoo on her arm. “Then this is dedicated to twin boys. Eddie and Teddie. Freddie, Eddie and Teddie. I want three babies. I’ve got a sperm donor lined up.”

In late June, Siwa also showed off a winged teddy bear tattoo, a graphic that’s set to appear on her new album cover, and the numbers “417” written above “1,000,000,000,” which was placed under he elbow.