Kelly Osbourne wants plastic surgery for Christmas despite mom Sharon’s regrets

This star is asking Santa for one expensive present.

Kelly Osbourne shared her holiday wish list on a new Christmas episode of “The Osbournes Podcast,” telling parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack Osbourne that she wanted a rather unconventional gift under the tree this year.

“I think I’ve decided what I want for Christmas,” the 39-year-old reality star said, prompting her mom to reply, “Oh, here we go,” with a sigh.

Kelly — who wore a cheerful red Christmas sweater reading “Merry” for the recording — dramatically patted her neck with both hands as she said “Plastic surgery.”

Her family members weren’t thrilled with the idea, especially Ozzy, 75, who exclaimed, “Kelly. Don’t! Don’t start.”

Kelly Osbourne has a beauty-related gift on her 2023 Christmas wish list. The Osbournes Podcast
Kelly wore a festive sweater for their Christmas episode. The Osbournes Podcast/YouTube
Jack and Sharon were surprised to hear Kelly’s gift request. The Osbournes Podcast/YouTube

“Well, I just think it’s my time!” the mom of one shouted, while Sharon, 71, shook her head no and said, “too early.”

However, the “Talk” co-host’s remark caused one Osbourne to do a double take, with Jack moving back in his seat and giving his mother the side-eye.

“I’m pretty sure that you were —” he started, with Sharon cutting him off and saying “no” before continuing, “You were what? You were how old when you first started your journey down the road of cosmetic surgery?”

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The Black Sabbath singer wasn’t thrilled about his daughter’s remarks. The Osbournes Podcast/YouTube

“Early forties,” the Osbourne matriarch said, with Jack seeming to ponder his sister’s age and saying, “Okay, well Kelly’s 39 … ”

Although her little brother joked about Kelly’s age, singing a song about turning 40, the podcaster — who recently said she went a little “too far” in shedding her baby weight — proclaimed that she’s “not like, bummed out” about turning the big four-oh.

“I feel like when you’re 40 you get respected more,” Kelly added.

Kelly has been showing off a super-slim physique lately. GC Images

“It goes by so quickly,” Ozzy said, “And suddenly you’re 75 and you say how the f—k did I get here?”

Kelly’s plastic surgery wish comes despite her mother’s own regrets about cosmetic procedures, with Sharon sharing in several interviews over the past few years that her 2021 facelift left her looking “like a f—king Cyclops.”

She doubled down on the comments in an interview with The Times this month, sharing that the procedure “was the worst thing that I ever did.”

We have a feeling Sharon will give Santa some stern words about her daughter’s gift this year.