Kylie Jenner cries over ‘hurtful’ comments she ‘f—ked up’ her face with ‘so much surgery’ and filler

She’s keeping up with the haters.

In a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” Kylie Jenner, 26, opened up about backlash she’s received about her appearance and plastic surgery over the years.

“It’s like a miracle that I still have confidence and I can still look in the mirror and think that I am pretty,” the Kylie Cosmetics admitted to her sister Kendall Jenner as the two chatted on the couch.

In the scene, Jenner questioned why people thought it was acceptable to make mean comments. The Kardashians/Hulu
“It’s like a miracle that I still have confidence and I can still look in the mirror and think that I am pretty,” she said in part. The Kardashians/Hulu
Sister Kendall Jenner comforted the makeup mogul. The Kardashians/Hulu

She went on to talk specifically about Paris Fashion Week, which she attended in September 2023. The younger Jenner said that, for the first time, she decided that she was “not going to wear a lot of makeup” while attending shows — which still prompted critics to attack her looks.

“I’m wearing too much makeup and it’s like, ‘You’re wearing too much makeup.’ Then I go and I don’t wear a lot of makeup and someone catches me in a weird light,” she complained.

“You can look at pictures since I’m 13 — I just have these lines,” the mom of two continued, pointing to her cheeks. “But I’ve had them since I was like, a child.”

Speaking in a confessional setting, Kylie noted that it wasn’t just this particular story that upset her.

“I just hear nasty things about myself all the time,” she told a producer behind the camera, adding that, after 10-plus years in the spotlight, “it just gets exhausting.”

Kylie Jenner opened up about the backlash she’s received on her appearance in Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians.” Getty Images
“I’m not even just saying this you’ve never looked younger and you’ve never looked better,” Kendall told the mom of two. WireImage

As the show flashed back to her conversation with Kendall, Kylie wondered why people thought it was ok to make mean comments.

“I think that’s a general thing with our family,” the supermodel responded. “We’re dehumanized. They don’t think that there’s any rules with us. Whereas like, if you talked the same way you do about us about any other woman, people would come to their defense all day long.

But for some reason with us, it’s like they don’t think we have any feelings.”

The 26 year old wept as she discussed her look at 2023’s Paris Fashion Week. GC Images
She went on to talk about how her looks have been attacked for over 10 years. Getty Images
She also noted that she had her a lot of filler dissolved over the past year, but despite adopting a natural look, feels the criticism is “never going to change.” Vogue/YouTube

Kylie agreed, adding that despite going for a more natural look, the trolling continued.

“I went on a journey last year dissolving half of my lip filler,” she admitted. “I hate even having this conversation over and over and over again. It feels like it’s a waste of my breath because I think, with me, it is never going to change.”

Ultimately, the Sprinter Vodka founder began to cry, saying, “I’ve never cried about this before but I guess it does affect me,” joking that the chat was like therapy.

She looked fresh-faced at the 2024 Met Gala earlier this year. FilmMagic
Ultimately, the star said she can’t let the comments get her “down.” Getty Images

“And I’ll see some comments or someone will be like, ‘This is really mean’ and defend me. ‘Why are we talking about her looks? It’s 2024’ And then I’ll see other comments like, ‘Because she did it to herself. She f—ked up her face. She had so much surgery.’”

But, while Kylie noted that it was “hurtful” and that many people had said she looked “old,” the 818 Tequila founder quickly disagreed.

“I’m not even just saying this, you’ve never looked younger and you’ve never looked better,” remarked Kendall.

She continues to post steamy snaps on Instagram, both with barely-there makeup and a full glam look. kyliejenner/Instagram
She looked radiant in red at the 2024 Vanity Fairy Oscar Party in March. FilmMagic

She told her sister that the whole thing was a losing battle, since many people will assume their family has had “full facial reconstruction.”

“I think it’s sadly — sadly — it’s something that we just have to like, really grow tough skin on,” Kendall admitted.

While Kylie later told cameras that she is still “strong” and “confident,” she also pointed out that she’s “also human and there’s only so much someone can take.”

“I always keep it pushing,” she said. “I have to. I cannot get the comments get me down. I have s—t to do. Rise above.”