Leni Klum, 19, shares vulnerable makeup-free acne selfie

Even models have bad skin days.

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni Klum, 19, took to her Instagram story on Monday to share a refreshing look at her struggle with blemishes.

Posting a shot of her makeup-free face without any text, the teen gave fans a close-up view of her redness and pimples, which were spread out throughout her cheeks and forehead.

The rising star, who is a Dior Beauty ambassador, has been open and honest about her skin struggles over the past few years, often taking to social media to share updates through fresh-faced shots.

Last June, she showed off another bad breakout on her Instagram story and, in 2021, posted a photo of her blemish-covered cheek, captioning the shot “my skin on a bad day #nomakeup #nofilter #sowhat.”

The rising model has been open about her struggles with acne over the past few years. leniklum/instagram
She often posts pictures of her skin to Instagram, sharing updates and showing off her bare face. leniklum/Instagram

“I feel like there is a thought behind having acne that you’re not beautiful with it or it makes you look not as good as you could look,” she told People, opening up about the topic in 2022.

While she admitted there were times when she didn’t want to leave the house until her acne cleared up, Klum soon realized she couldn’t live like that.

“A lot of people have acne that make it seem like they don’t and then people see that on social media and they’re like, ‘None of these gorgeous girls have acne.’ But some do and I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” she added.

In 2022, she opened up to People about the topic, saying many “gorgeous girls” have acne and it’s not a “bad thing.” Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Klum hasn’t let her skin hold her back, often appearing alongside her mom on magazine covers and lingerie campaigns.

Still, any skin issues Klum may have hasn’t held her back. She continues to appear alongside her mom on magazine covers and the two often show off lingerie looks in Intimissimi campaigns.

Despite working closely with her mom — wearing nothing but bras and panties in the case of their lingerie photoshoots — Leni still apparently has to draw some boundaries with the “Germany’s Next Top Model” host at home.

The duo revealed in a recent “Call Her Daddy” podcast episode that Leni once found Klum’s “sex closet” and often has to warn her to put a top on when her friends come over.