Martha Stewart, 82, ‘sets the record straight’ about using Botox and fillers: ‘I don’t want to look my age’

Martha Stewart is all about aging gracefully — with a little help, of course.

The lifestyle guru, 82, touched on the public’s obsession with her looks during the season premiere of her podcast, “The Martha Stewart Podcast,” which was released on Thursday.

Speaking with her own cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin, who appeared as a guest, the self-made billionaire shared a few thoughts on aging, and even addressed her use of Botox, fillers and skin-tightening procedures.

“Everybody is so interested when they see a selfie of me posted on the Internet,” she said, referencing her multiple viral thirst traps over the past few years. 

She added, “So many comments are about my face lift and who did it and when did I have it done and how much retouching is on the photograph, and I just want to set the record straight.”

According to Dr. Belkin, the secret to the star’s youthful glow is a combination of different procedures, including fillers in her cheeks, muscle-relaxing injections in her jaw and neck and the use of multiple skin-tightening devices.

Stewart launched her new podcast on Feb. 8 with her doctor as one of her first guests. marthastewart48/instagram
She spoke with her guest, Dr. Dan Belkin, sharing her thoughts on aging. marthastewart48/Instagram
She swears by daily green juice, no smoking, little drinking, Pilates and twice-yearly facial treatments as some of her beauty secrets. GC Images

“We’ve done a little ultrasound tightening I think, a long time ago,” Dr. Belkin explained after Stewart admitted to not remembering what, exactly, she’s had done over the years.

“We did a little softwave, which is an ultrasound based tightening device. And we’ve done a little bit of Ulthera, which is a great ultrasound-based skin tightening that works.”

In 2022, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model revealed that her secret to youthful looks includes in aforementioned twice-annual fillers, lasers and microcurrent treatments from Dr. Belkin as well as routine facials at Mario Badescu’s salon since 1967.

The lifestyle guru has had a combination of different procedures, including fillers, muscle-relaxing injections, and skin-tightening devices. AP
“I don’t think a lot about age, but I don’t want to look my age at all,” Stewart said. marthastewart48/Instagram

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Still, Stewart doesn’t just rely on professionals to make her look good.

She added that she’s also someone who pays attention to what they eat and makes sure to keep exercise as a main priority.

“I don’t think a lot about age, but I don’t want to look my age at all,” Stewart stated. “And that’s why I really work hard at it.”

Stewart has previously denied getting plastic surgery. marthastewart48/Instagram

There are also a handful of trusty beauty products that Stewart said she keeps in her rotation, including Alastin tinted moisturizer. Last May, she told Page Six Style she regularly uses the brand’s SilkShield All Mineral Sunscreen ($62).

“Never leave the house without a good sunscreen,” she said at the time.

Plus, while Stewart has always been open about getting minimally invasive procedures here and there, she did deny getting plastic surgery in 2022.

“I have never had plastic surgery,” she told the New York Times. “You can absolutely say that. No knife on my face, neck or back.”