Meghan Markle is not filming Netflix show on a California cannabis farm despite rumors

Rumors swirled that Meghan Markle’s highly-anticipated cooking show is being filmed on a cannabis farm marred by controversy. However, an insider confirms to Page Six that there is no truth to the ganja gossip.

“The show is not filmed on or near any cannabis farm,” a source affiliated with the show tells Page Six on Wednesday.

The source added that the shoot is taking place at a “private residence” and that “anything that suggests otherwise is made up fodder.”

Speculation that the Duchess of Sussex, 42, was filming the show on a weed farm swirled after the Daily Mail reported that the backdrop for Markle’s show would take place in two California locations: a $5 million home in Montecito belonging to Tom and Sherrie Cipolla and a farm owned by the cannabis-supplying Van Wingerden family in the nearby seaside city of Carpinteria.

The Van Wingerdens are the area’s largest vendors of legally produced cannabis, according to the website.

Reports swirled that Markle is filming part of her Netflix series on a farm owned by cannabis suppliers David and Cindy Van Wingerden. Farmlane
The farm is located in Carpinteria, Calif. Farmlane
Residents in the area have complained of the weed smell. Farmlane

The Cannabis farm, dubbed Farmlane, is owned by David and Cindy Van Wingerden, who turned their flower farm into a marijuana mecca in 2015. They now sell cannabis flowers and pre-rolled cannabis joints.

But the Van Wingerden family’s operation and other cannabis farms have had the neighborhood up in arms over the pungent weed fragrance contaminating the air.

Local Carpinteria residents filed 2,340 odor complaints from mid-2018 to 2022, according to the website.

In September, homeowners in the area filed a class-action lawsuit against two weed farms, unrelated to the Van Wingerden’s business, with claims that their property values had been severely damaged due to the “sewer-like” smells.

“The show is not filmed on or near any cannabis farm,” a source affiliated with the show tells Page Six on Wednesday. Getty Images for Project Healthy Minds
Production of the show is already well underway. AFP via Getty Images

“The neighborhood surrounding their property has a thick, heavy, strong stench of cannabis on a near daily basis,” the lawsuit states.

Angry citizens said their homes and clothes reeked of marijuana and that some people were experiencing breathing problems, headaches and nausea.

Page Six confirmed in March that the former “Suits” actress would collaborate on a Martha Stewart-esque show tying into her newly launched lifestyle brand, Montecito Riviera Orchard.

The wife of Prince Harry has already debuted the first product of her cookware and home needs company with a jar of strawberry jam sent to her closest high-powered friends.

The show will tie into her new Montecito Rivera Orchard company. AFP via Getty Images
The lifestyle brand will sell cookware and other home goods. WireImage
The wife of Prince Harry has already debuted the first product of her new business. UK Press via Getty Images

An insider told Page Six Style at the time that the business would focus on home, garden, food and general lifestyle wares.

“She’s been working on this for over a year, and it’s all the things that are close to her heart — all the things she’s passionate about,” an industry source said.

A trademark application obtained by Page Six Style revealed that the company would sell cookbooks, an assortment of edible treats like jellies and spreads and tableware staples like cutlery, table linens, drinkware and more.