Meghan Markle likely ‘conflicted’ over Kate Middleton’s ‘stress’ as palace is exposed for being a ‘disaster’: expert

Meghan Markle must be battling with having an “I told you so” moment for how the palace has handled the latest Kate Middleton drama while also having sympathy for her sister-in-law, a royal expert suspects.

“Meghan, in particular, must be incredibly conflicted about all the incoming heat Kate and the royals are taking, not to mention the way the palace … continues to bungle things on a daily basis,” Christopher Andersen told Fox Digital earlier this week.

“The King: The Life of King Charles III” author further explained, “On one hand, Meghan had to be sympathetic about all the stress Kate is going through as she copes with a serious medical issue.

Markle “on one hand” must feel “sympathetic” to Middleton, Christopher Andersen said. Shutterstock
She may also be thinking, “I told you so,” because of her past issues with the palace. i-Images / Polaris

“On the other hand, the palace media machine has never been more exposed for what it is: a complete mess, a total disaster.”

The Duchess of Sussex, 42 has openly criticized the royal institution alongside husband her husband, Prince Harry, for how they’ve handled her health issues in the past — which is even more reason why she can likely relate to Middleton, also 42.

In March 2021, Markle revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she had been struggling with suicidal thoughts while working as a senior member of the royal family due to the pressures of that lifestyle.

Marle and her husband, Prince Harry, have openly criticized the royal institution. MEGA
Markle once claimed she was not given proper help when she struggled with suicidal thoughts. i-Images / Polaris

However, the “Suits” alum claimed at the time that when she once went to someone in the institution for help she was allegedly rebuffed.

“Meghan and Harry know what it’s like to wake up and see those screaming tabloid headlines targeting them for one thing or another,” Andersen also told Fox Digital.

“In [the couple’s] case, they were pilloried for, among other things, saying too much. In the royal family’s case, it’s for not saying enough about the medical crisis being faced by Kate.”

The royal institution is staying mum on all the speculation surrounding Middleton’s whereabouts. MEGA
Anderson said “Meghan and Harry know what it’s like” to deal with media scrutiny. MEGA

The royal expert added that all of “uncalled-for secrecy” surrounding Middleton has just fed “the public’s distrust of the monarchy and, by extension, the royal family itself,” adding, “It’s all gotten so out of hand.”

Kensington Palace revealed in January that the Princess of Wales was having “planned abdominal surgery” and that she would not be able to resume her royal duties until “after Easter.”

Amid her recovery, Middleton has scarcely been seen in public, with only two paparazzi sightings that were not clearly visible, causing speculation about the validity of the images.

Middleton has rarely been seen out in public after her surgery. Alpha /Landov
The elusiveness has caused concern among royal fans. Getty Images

Then on the UK’s Mother’s Day, the princess released a photo of herself posing with her children —  Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5 — which was later revealed to be severely edited.

Middleton apologized via X last week, stating in part that “like many amateur photographers,” she does “occasionally experiment with editing.”

She added at the time, “I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.”

Middleton released a photo of herself with her three kids for the UK’s Mother’s Day. Prince of Wales/Kensington Palac / MEGA
It was then revealed the pic had been severely edited. Prince of Wales/Kensington Palac / MEGA

However, some did not believe that Middleton was actually behind the releasing of the suspicious pic and it’s been reported that the decision was actually a “collective” one.

Meanwhile, the palace has refused to release the original image, further fueling all of the conspiracy theories about Middleton’s actual whereabouts.

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An insider recently claimed to Us Weekly, “This has been one of the most challenging months for Kate as a royal, and she’s praying the fuss dies down as soon as possible.”

Although Markle and Middleton have had their issues in the past — dating back to an alleged tearful breakdown over Princess Charlotte’s dress at the former’s 2018 nuptials — it’s been reported that Markle and Harry, 39, have both sent Prince William’s wife “get well messages.”

Markle and Harry have reportedly sent Middleton “get well” messages. MEGA
Middleton is said to be “falling victim to palace intrigue and an inept press office.” AP

Andersen concluded by pointing out how Markle and Middleton can relate to each other more than ever.

“[Markle] echoed the late Princess Diana’s distrust of the power brokers inside the monarchy,” “The Day Diana Died” author said.

“Now it seems that even Kate, who has always seemed to handle the pressure with effortless grace, is falling victim to palace intrigue and an inept press office.”