On ‘Summer House’ star Danielle Olivera’s Hamptons packing list: Bedazzled sandals and the perfect beach chair

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities buy when they’re browsing their favorite boutique or shopping online late at night? Welcome to Six Picks, where we ask stars to spill their style and beauty must-haves — so you can shop like you’re famous, too.

The Hamptons are calling.

Danielle Olivera is gearing up to film Season 9 of Bravo’s “Summer House” next month, and along with her bikinis and sandals, the reality star is bringing a newly toned physique to the beach.

Olivera, who recently slimmed her arms with AirSculpt body contouring, tells Page Six Style she’s looking forward to “falling back in love” with some of her skimpier summer pieces as she joins her castmates for another season of sun-drenched parties.

“Being on TV, it’s definitely a contributing factor to zeroing in on what I don’t super love about myself,” the reality star tells us, adding, “I had the insecurity before and maybe other people don’t notice it when they watch the show, but I sure do. I don’t think I’ve worn a strapless [outfit] since Amanda and Kyle’s wedding.”

Below, the Bravolebrity shares what she’s packing for the shore, from a sunscreen that doubles as highlighter to the chair that makes beach trips “a lot easier.”

Mystique Milan sandals

“They have the cute little embellished buckle but the comfort of a Birkenstock, so you could walk around in those sandals all day long. They look elevated, but they’re super comfortable.”

Supergoop glowscreen

“If you don’t want to be wearing makeup on the beach — no one does — it just gives you a little bit of that extra radiance while giving you the SPF.”

Madewell tote

“I always make fun of my mom sometimes because she just brings everything. And I’m like, well, large tote bags are back, so that’s good for Mom and also good for me if I have to bring my laptop somewhere. Madewell [offers] great quality and price point.”

“[Sunflow] has a built-in umbrella in the chair, and it has a little cool cup for your — obviously, we need some beverages! — and then it has a side pocket for all of the things like your phone, your keys or whatever. I just loved it because I don’t really like going to the beach that much, which is weird for being on a summer show, because there’s just so many things that you have to carry. And so that chair makes it a lot easier.”

“It’s all about organizing yourself and figuring out what you’re going to pack. And this is just a really easy way to [be] like, ‘OK, day one, day two, day three,’ even if it’s a summer house weekend. ‘What am I bringing with me?’ Because, you know, we lug huge luggages into that house; it’s like we’re just tossing a bunch of things in there without actually understanding what outfits they will create. So hopefully this makes it a lot better.”

Lspace Isadora hat

“A bucket hat [is important] just to protect your face. I think, again, sun protection is huge. I have the tan one. But also if you’re like [“Summer House” star] West Wilson, he has multicolored crochet bucket hats. Every time I see a colorful bucket hat, I think of him … he’s pulling it off.”