Page Six editors share their tried-and-true essentials for a great night’s sleep

Here at Page Six Style, we know a thing or two about finding the products of your dreams.

After all, in addition to asking famous folks about their favorite things, we’ve also put endless items to the test ourselves over the years.

And with Sleep Week — an annual post-Daylight Savings Time holiday — kicking off on Monday, we’ve rounded up our personal must-haves for getting some quality shut-eye.

From Kourtney Kardashian-approved gummies to skincare galore, the editor essentials below are anything but a snooze.

  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    “After seeing countless celebs name-check the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in interviews, I reviewed the product for our “Heart to Cart” series and now fully understand the hype. I apply a thick layer before bedtime and wake up in the morning with soft, supple lips — and despite what the name might suggest, you can absolutely use it throughout the day, too. There are plenty of delightful flavors from which to choose, but I’m partial to the original Berry at the moment.” — Elana Fishman, Page Six Style Editor

  • two pairs of underwear

    “Instead of pajama sets, I enjoy sleeping in an oversized T-shirt and these super-soft boxer shorts made for women. The fabric is so light and comfortable, clinging to your body without being tight in any way.” — Melissa Minton, Page Six Style Senior Writer and Editor

  • pillow spray

    “This pillow spray transports me to a level of sleep bougie-ness that I dream about now (no pun intended)! I love the smell of it and the cooling effect it has on my pillow.” — Julia Remillard, Page Six Senior Social Media Marketing Manager

  • A pink Elemis facial jar

    “I use this every night as the final step in my skincare routine and along with smelling great (a slightly fruity scent) it gives my skin tons of moisture. Even better, it doesn’t irritate my sometimes breakout-prone face.” — Kristin Contino, Page Six Style Writer

  • A model in navy pajamas

    “Eberjey’s pajamas may be pricier than some of the other options on the market, but they’re so worth it. I love starting and ending my day in this luxe, soft-as-silk style. It’s no surprise Kris and Kylie Jenner both own pairs.” — Hannah Southwick, Page Six Commerce Writer/Reporter

  • Lemme sleep gummies
    Ulta Beauty

    “I used to always struggle with winding down until I started taking Lemme Sleep! These not only help me get ready for bed, but they also help me stay asleep through the night. Plus, they taste so good. They are a MUST in my house.” — Tori Schneebaum, Page Six Photo Director

  • A nightgaurd

    “Not the chicest bedtime item to highlight, perhaps, but a necessary one nonetheless. I didn’t realize how bad my sleep bruxism had become until around a decade ago, when my dentist told me that my molars — and I quote — ‘looked like marbles.’ She recommended this over-the-counter mouth guard as an alternative to the custom ones that cost hundreds of dollars, and I’ve diligently used it every single night since. You custom-fit it at home using a mug of hot water, and I buy a new one every six months or so.” — Elana Fishman, Page Six Style Editor

  • A beige sheet

    “Parachute’s percale fabric is the reason I’m currently pro top sheet. It’s soft yet substantial and pleasantly cooling for hot sleepers (my husband) or those who live with them (me).” — Melissa Minton, Page Six Style Senior Writer and Editor

  • A weighted sleep mask

    “I read that weighted sleep masks can help you fall asleep easier and figured I’d give it a go, and now I won’t travel without one. While I don’t always use it at home, I’ve found this affordable mask definitely helps me fall asleep faster and more soundly.” — Kristin Contino, Page Six Style Writer/Reporter

  • Melatonin gummies

    “One of my go-tos for a good night’s rest are these ZzzQuil gummies. They taste great, and in less than an hour I drift off to dreamland with no issues waking up the next morning!” — Astra, Page Six Anchor

  • Sound Machine

    “Ya girl lives in NYC, which means she needs to block out some unwanted noise. Ever since I started using white noise, I haven’t been able to stop. This elevated my sleep routine in a huge way.” — Julia Remillard, Page Six Senior Social Media Marketing Manager

  • White sheets on a bed
    Cozy Earth

    “After hearing about these temperature-regulating sheets on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list, I had to try them out myself. The cooling bamboo blend is oh-so-soft and has helped me avoid waking up in the middle of the night from overheating. Even better? It’s 20% off right now.” — Hannah Southwick, Page Six Commerce Writer/Reporter

  • A model in a lace nightgown
    Draper James

    “Draper James makes the best, softest pajamas and their nightshirts and nightgowns are my favorites. I always wait until they’re on sale (like right now) to stock up!” — Kristin Contino, Page Six Style Writer

  • Mario Badescu Lip Mask
    Mario Badescu

    “I simply can’t put into words how delicious this lip mask feels, smells, tastes, etc! This is a must after washing my face at night.” — Julia Remillard, Page Six Senior Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
    Charlotte Tilbury

    “This is the best moisturizer for day and night. I put it on every morning under my makeup and every night before bed. It’s the perfect consistency and keeps my skin hydrated until the next morning.” — Kristin McNamara, New York Post Senior Social Media & Audience Engagement Director

  • Drunk Elephant Bora Bora Cream

    “Drunk Elephant’s Bora Barrier Repair Cream is my latest skincare obsession. I absolutely love that it’s on the thicker side and is there for my skin as the seasons change, which is when it needs some TLC the most. I love putting this on before bed knowing it’s going to give my skin the deep moisture it deserves throughout the night, all while restoring its barrier to a healthier state!” — Kelly Laske, Page Six Social Media Editor

  • A Hatch clock and a smartphone with the Hatch app open on it

    “It’s not exaggerating to say this clock changed my sleep routine entirely. The sunrise feature helps wake me up gently, while the soothing white noise options help me get relaxed before bed. Goodbye, 25 iPhone alarms!  — Hannah Southwick, Page Six Commerce Writer/Reporter

  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment

    “I simply cannot go to bed without slathering my lips and skin in Aquaphor! I hopped on the TikTok ‘slugging’ trend, and I’m not afraid to say I’m a slugging stan! With my naturally dry skin, especially during winter, Aquaphor is my go-to for keeping my skin hydrated and has definitely minimized my dry patches.” — Brooke Matalon, Page Six Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Foam earplugs

    “I always sleep better with earplugs, especially when I’m traveling. These ones are incredibly popular on Amazon (over 13,500 primarily 5-star ratings!) and I can see why. They’re comfortable, inexpensive and brightly colored — so they’re easy to find when I inevitably knock one off my bedside table into the dark crevasse between the headboard and the wall.” — Elana Fishman, Page Six Style Editor

  • A star projector

    “This star projector transforms my apartment into such a cozy space. As someone who doesn’t love to sleep in an ultra-dark room, it gives off the perfect moody glow. Plus, my sister uses it to calm her newborn, making it the perfect addition to her nursery!” — Brooke Matalon, Page Six Social Media Marketing Manager

  • A model in a red hoodie and matching sweats
    Daily Drills

    “Daily Drills is my go-to comfy brand. If I’m bingeing a show or getting ready for bed and I’m not in my DD cozies, be concerned! The thing I like about Daily Drills is the versatility of the brand. Whether I’m getting under the covers or heading out to run errands around the city, Daily Drills just always looks cute. I love this red hoodie to chill out in, and it’s comfy enough to get a solid night of sleep in it!” — Kelly Laske, Page Six Social Media Editor

  • SickScience jaw serum

    “I recently started using this serum on my jaw and neck before bed, and am loving the results. It basically works to contour your face without any makeup — a lazy girl hack!” — Kristin McNamara, New York Post Senior Director of Social Media & Audience Engagement

  • Retinol cream

    “As someone with sensitive skin, it’s hard to find a retinol that isn’t too harsh. I’ve actually shied away from them because I’ve had some bad reactions before. But when I saw that Fig.1 has a non-irritating, hydrating retinol night cream, I was intrigued to try it. What’s cool about the brand is that it offers different levels of retinol so you can work your way up to the stronger formulas. I noticed a difference in my skin in just two weeks and didn’t have any bad reactions!” — Kelly Laske, Page Six Social Media Editor

  • Ryze mushroom hot coco

    “I was recently turned on to Ryze cocoa. I have one cup before bedtime, and in addition to tasting delicious, it naturally helps you fall asleep and wake up refreshed to start your day. I hate to admit it, but I have a sweet tooth — so I add a little monk fruit sweetener, which does the trick.” — Astra, Page Six Anchor

  • An instructor teaching a Barrys workout class in
    Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    “I love a good kick-in-the-butt workout. I’ve noticed that on days I make it to a Barry’s class — even if I go super early in the morning — I sleep through the night.” — Kristin McNamara, New York Post Senior Director of Social Media & Audience Engagement