The new Laneige Lip Glowy Balm flavors Alix Earle leaked are finally available: ‘Actually the best’

While stars have access to plenty of products, they aren’t glossing over this shimmer-filled formula.

Laneige has a long list of celebrity devotees — including Alix Earle, who applied its Lip Glowy Balm ($19) in an “un-get ready with me” TikTok earlier this month, leaking two new versions of the product in the process.

Starting Friday, however, you don’t need to be an influencer to score the fresh flavors: Vanilla ($19) and Sweet Candy ($19).

“Hardest part of my routine is choosing which @laneige_us Lip Glowy Balm flavor to use,” Earle captioned the video, which saw her waffling between the new launches and the original Berry and Gummy Bear options.

“These Laneige lip balms are actually the best,” she added. “Look how good my lips look.”

Formulated with ingredients like shea and murumuru seed butter, the rich balm is designed to deliver high shine and hydration.

Alix Earle holding two Laneige lip balms
Alix Earle showed off the fresh flavors before the launch. TikTok/@alixearle

Alix Earle
Laneige added Sweet Candy and Vanilla versions to the lineup. TikTok/@alixearle

Alix Earle
Earle’s extensive Laneige collection also includes the Lip Sleeping Mask, which she shouted as a favorite during Amazon Prime Day last year. TikTok/@alixearle

And while the gloss is designed for use throughout the day, stars aren’t sleeping on Laneige’s nighttime-oriented Lip Sleeping Mask ($24) either.

Kendall Jenner, Kyle Richards, Kate Moss, Brooke Shields and Kate Hudson are among the product’s many fans, with the latter even wishing she’d invented the stuff herself.

“Why didn’t I come up with this?” she pondered in a British Vogue interview last year. “This is the best product right now … It smells awesome. This is like a must-have.”

When Page Six Style tested the cult-favorite formula recently, editor Elana Fishman found it stood up to the hype and was “deeply nourishing” and “long-lasting.”