The real person behind Taylor Swift’s enormous opal birthday ring, revealed — and it’s not Travis Kelce

It’s nice to have a friend like Keleigh Sperry.

Taylor Swift celebrated her 34th birthday last week to much fanfare, hosting an A-list party at Zero Bond in NYC for close friends including Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Zoë Kravitz and more.

While the pop star sparkled from head to toe in a celestial LBD and diamond jewelry, it was her new (and enormous) opal ring that got fans talking; could boyfriend Travis Kelce have been behind the gorgeous gift?

Sperry put those rumors to rest on Thursday, revealing via her Instagram Story that she was the one behind the symbolic and sentimental design, not the Chiefs player.

“Love this ring I had made for my friend, she’s bejeweled,” Miles Teller’s wife captioned an up-close photo of the accessory in a red box that appears to be from Cartier.

Keleigh Sperry set the record straight about Taylor Swift’s opal-and-blue-topaz ring — revealing that she purchased the sparkler, not Travis Kelce.
Sperry gave a close-up look at the gift on Instagram. Instagram/@keleighteller
Taylor modeled the ring on her pointer finger in a video posted to Sperry’s story. Instagram/@keleighteller
The sentimental design features a combination of Kelce’s and Swift’s respective birthstones. Taylor Swift/Instagram

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In addition to calling out “media outlets” and gossip account DeuxMoi for speculating about the surprise, Sperry also shared a video of Swift modeling the design, writing, “Love you T.”

“This is unreal, Keleigh. Opal and blue topaz. Wow … This is like a present for Elizabeth Taylor, not me,” Swift can be heard saying in the video, which shows Sperry smiling next to her friend.

While Sperry may be behind the design, it still likely represents the relationship between the NFL player and the singer as a combination of their two birthstones; the opal for October-born Kelce and blue topaz for December baby Swift.

Swift walked hand in hand with Sperry and her husband, Miles Teller, while celebrating her 34th birthday. GC Images
Swift told Sperry in a new video that the pear-shaped ring was worthy of Elizabeth Taylor. keleighteller/Instagram
The pop star showed off her gift at her star-studded party. Taylor Swift/Instagram

Gem experts told Page Six Style that the bespoke sparkler could be worth up to $175,000.

Though Sperry may have harsh words for media outlets who assumed Kelce was behind the whopper of a gift, she originally fueled fan theories about its origins, liking a Tiktok video that alluded to Travis having designed and purchased the custom ring.

Swift — who quietly started dating the pro athlete over the summer — dropped a hint about their blossoming relationship when she wore an opal necklace on an NYC night out in mid-September.