The science behind Travis Kelce’s ‘epic’ glow-up: experts

Travis Kelce’s never looked better.

The Kansas City Chiefs Instagram account “went back into the archives” on Thursday, sharing side-by-side photos of its star players now and when they first joined the team — and fans can’t get over the tight end’s transformation.

And as several experts exclusively tell Page Six Style, Kelce’s “glow-up” might be thanks to good old-fashioned aging.

“Men’s facial structure changes as they reach their late 20s and early 30s, which seems to be the biggest difference in Travis’ photos,” facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michael Bassiri-Tehrani explains.

“The jawline and cheeks may become more defined and angular as muscle mass increases and fat diminishes.”

Experts spoke exclusively to Page Six Style about Travis Kelce’s “glow-up.” chiefs/Instagram
Fans gushed that Kelce has aged “like fine wine” after the Chiefs shared photos of him now and when he first joined the team. Instagram/ Chiefs

Dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Brauer agrees with the assessment, noting that as time passes, “our faces undergo subtle anatomic changes.”

These changes include “repositioning of fat” and skin losing its elasticity.

“In general, men have several anatomic facial features that may contribute to different apparent rates of aging, including increased skin thickness and muscle mass,” the New York-based doctor adds.

Brauer, founder of Spectrum Skin and Laser, says the “major differences” he notices between the two photos of Kelce, now 34, are “minimal loss of volume and fine lines” around his eyes and forehead.

“These signs of aging can be explained by loss of bone,” which results in the appearance of wider eyes.

Dr. Michael Bassiri-Tehrani says Kelce’s cheekbones and jawline have become more defined as he’s aged. Getty Images
Dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Brauer adds that the NFL star has “minimal loss of volume and fine lines.” Getty Images

Bassiri-Tehrani also points out Kelce’s “appropriate aging lines” on his face — but says that for an athlete that often competes out in the sun on a football field, “sun protection has done him well.”

Brauer says that even though the tight end’s skin appears darker in the more recent photo, there are no “obvious signs of sun damage, such as brown spots.”

“Hopefully he’s applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen,” adds the dermatologist, who has never treated Kelce as a patient.

Brauer says there are no signs the Super Bowl champ has gone under the knife or needle, either.

Experts say Kelce’s skin may also have minimal wrinkles due to his skincare regimen. Getty Images
The NFL star spends a lot of time out in the sun as a football player. Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
There are no “obvious signs of sun damage such as brown spots,” Brauer says. Getty Images

“While I do not know him personally or professionally, from these photos, Travis seems to be aging well without any obvious signs of intervention with injectable fillers or neuromodulators (Botox),” he says.

Kelce’s exact skincare regimen is unknown, but it’s clear the NFL star takes good care of himself.

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He has a personal chef who keeps him on a 4,000-calorie diet for practices and games days for optimum performance, and follows a grueling workout routine with personal trainer Laurence Justin Ng.

Kelce, seen here with girlfriend Taylor Swift, also works out often to stay in shape. Mega/BackGrid
His career as a pro athlete also helps keep him fit. Getty Images

Bassiri-Tehrani tells Page Six Style that aside from the science, Kelce appears to have leveled up his wardrobe and grooming game in recent years.

“It appears he has a sharper haircut and wears more appropriately fitting clothing,” the New York-based plastic surgery expert points out.

“As a pro athlete he is in good shape, but sometimes, given unconventional sizes, custom tailored clothing can make all the difference.”

Bassiri-Tehrani adds, “He has also shaved his goatee, which may have made him look older than he was before.”

An expert also points out that Kelce’s sense of style has changed over the years. killatrav/Instagram
“Custom tailored clothing can make all the difference,” Bassiri-Tehrani says. Instagram/@killatrav

The surgeon says he’s had certain patients opt for procedures to correct an “underprojected chin,” or use facial hair as a way to hide — but with Kelce, whom he’s never treated, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“Given the physical demands of his work and chin strap putting pressure on the area, it is unlikely he did anything,” the doctor offers.

Page Six Style also spoke with celebrity grooming expert Michael Dueñas, who hasn’t worked with the “New Heights” podcaster but says his buzzcut and beard suit him well.

Kelce used to sport much longer hair. killatrav/Instagram
He now rocks a neat buzzcut. Getty Images

“His new haircut has slimmed his face down in appearance,” the hairstylist says. “His hair is not so wide and bulky on the sides, which gives his face an overall slimmer appearance.”

Dueñas adds, “With his hair texture, I do think it is a better choice to have the sides shorter. Having his beard longer under his jaw also elongates his face, making it appear slimmer and more defined.”

Whatever Kelce’s doing, it’s clearly working; on Instagram, fans raved about how the budding actor has aged “like fine wine,” and it’s safe to say his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, has no complaints.