The under-$10 dry shampoo stars swear by just got a major upgrade

This Hollywood styling secret won’t squeeze your budget dry.

To keep their hairstyles looking fresh in between washes, workouts and glam sessions, several athletes and celebrities swear by Batiste dry shampoo, a drugstore favorite that’ll set you back less than $10.

And this spring, the brand dropped new sweat-activated ($10 $9) and touch-activated ($10) versions of its hero product, both perfect for those with booked-and-busy lifestyles.

Sweat-Activated Shampoo

Touch Activated Shampoo

The fresh formulas are made to absorb oil and release “bursts of freshness” when you need them the most — either as you sweat or with every touch. (The sweat-focused version has notes of apple, pineapple and pear, while the touch-activated iteration features a sweet berry and bergamot blend.)

It’s already landed a starring role in Olympic gymnast Suni Lee’s routine; she partnered with the brand in the lead-up to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, calling the new duo her “go-to products.”

“The sweat-activated shampoo transforms my post-workout routine, allowing me to transition from intense training sessions to my next activity without the need for a hair wash,” she said in a press release, adding that she uses the touch-activated formula for a “quick refresh” on non-training days.

Mini dry shampoo

Floral dry shampoo

She’s not the only star who’s been linked to Batiste over the years; Drew Barrymore once said on Instagram that she keeps the Mini Blush Dry Shampoo ($15 $11) stashed in her bag during nights out.

“I am crazy crazy for this dry shampoo,” she wrote in 2018, per Us Weekly. “I love it for texture, BUT this one actually works like a true do over [sic] for dirty hair. Especially on a blow out [sic] …  It’s better than any I have ever tried and I am a dry shampoo enthusiast.”

Meanwhile, Jenna Dewan once shouted out the full-sized version ($8 $7) while breaking down her routine on YouTube, saying, “This stuff for some reason is just magic and it smells really good.”

Batiste dry shampoo

And “Real Housewives of New York” alum Tinsley Mortimer sticks with the original version ($11 $8) of the on-the-go style saver, which she once called a “game changer” in an interview with E! News.

Whether you’re taking hair tips from reality stars, dancers or Olympic gymnasts, however, one thing’s for sure: There are no mental gymnastics needed to fit these affordable buys into your own beauty routine.