Toast to Dry January with these celebrity-approved canned mocktails

These booze-free beverages have stars saying “cheers.”

While plenty of celebrities have given the spirit business a (literal) shot over the years, mocktails are having a major moment right now.

Katy Perry launched her alcohol-free aperitif De Soi in 2022, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “I’m drinking a lot less than I used to.”

Bethenny Frankel and Zayn Malik followed suit in 2023 by teaming up with Mingle Mocktails and Mixoloshe, respectively — and Blake Lively and Bella Hadid have both founded brands built on non-boozy libations.

So whether you’re celebrating Dry January or looking for beyond-basic beverages to sip all year round, read on for a selection of options that prove alcohol-free needn’t mean flavor-free.

Betty Buzz

While alcohol-free sparkling beverages are certainly having a shining moment right now, Blake Lively’s been in the mocktail business since 2021. Her Betty Buzz line offers a range of flavorful options, including grapefruit and lemon lime drinks.

“I spent three years building this company, from custom tooling the bottles to the flavors,” the “Gossip Girl” star told Forbes in 2022.

In addition to classic cans, the brand also offers each flavor in retro bottles — including sodas and mocktails like its sweet and spicy ginger beer.

De Soi Purple Lune cans
De Soi

Katy Perry’s saying “Bon Appétit” to bubbly drinks, sans booze. The pop star launched a French aperitif-inspired mocktail line just in time for Dry January in 2022.

“I created [De Soi] to bring balance into my own life, to be able to have rituals that were supporting my lifestyle,” she told Forbes.

A Mingle Mocktails variety pack
Mingle Mocktails

Over a decade after launching her famed Skinnygirl margarita empire, Bethenny Frankel is mingling with mocktails instead. The businesswoman joined forces with this non-alcoholic beverage brand in 2023, raving about its “delicious, low-calorie, phenomenal, ready-to-drink mocktails.”

For those who drink, the canned beverages also serve as a great base for cocktails ranging from mojitos to margaritas to mules.

A Mixoloshe Lychee Martini Mocktail

Zayn Malik entered the moocktail market in 2023 by joining Mixoloshe as chief creative officer and co-owner. The One Direction alum celebrated the launch with his own flavor of “sweet, floral and slightly tropical” lychee martini, sans alcohol.

“I could not be more excited about the chance to make some noise in the category of non-alcoholic beverages,” he said in a statement at the time.

Four Kin Euphorics cans
Kin Euphorics

Co-founded by Bella Hadid, Kin Euphorics makes non-alcoholic drinks packed with adaptogens intended to “help the body adapt and respond to the stress,” per the brand.

The catwalker shared a snap of the latest flavor in July 2023 while celebrating 10 months of sobriety; “I’m so proud of anyone discovering their sobriety … Or anyone who has had the courage to open their mind to Dry July,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Four Ghia cans

Ghia’s Mediterranean-inspired aperitivos are a hit with fashion fixtures like Jenna Lyons, who once whipped up a mocktail on the brand’s TikTok. With options ranging from a bottled aperitif to ready-to-drink cans, the brand’s a hit with Priyanka Chopra and Jessica Alba, too.

A Liquid IV Mocktail set
Liquid IV

Liquid IV’s buzzy beverage add-ins are backed by a long list of superstar investors, including Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart.

Two Athletic Brewing Co. boxes
Athletic Brewing Co.

Prefer the taste of beer? Hop (or should we say, hops) on over to Athletic Brewing Co. for non-alcoholic craft brew options. If it’s good enough for NFL great J.J. Watt, it’s good enough for us.

A 12-pack of Ollipop sodas

While not an actual mocktail, this soda brand’s list of investors — think Gwyneth Paltrow, Mindy Kaling and the Jonas Brothers — reads like a who’s who of Hollywood.